Healing an Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

As a child, I had chronic ear infections. I had to have tubes put in my ears twice, at 10 months and at 2 years old. My mom also had chronic ear infections as a child. I thought that the likelihood my daughter would also go through this was fairly high.

At about 5 months old when my daughter first got sick, she ended up getting a double ear infection. We went to the doctor, got some antibiotics, and that cleared it up in a few days. The doctor also said that when babies get a runny nose, it is almost always followed by an ear infection because they can’t clear the drainage on their own yet. Over the next few months, my daughter got sick about every 4-6 weeks it seemed. It just comes with the territory when you have to send your kids to daycare.

I became uncomfortable with how frequently she was having to take antibiotics. Number one, because I had read that we were nearing an era of antibiotic resistant bacteria. I don’t want to contribute to this if possible, so curbing our use of antibiotics when possible is something I feel is important.

The other reason I would like to avoid antibiotic when possible is because recent studies are finding that early antibiotic use can have a negative impact on gut health in the long term. A large portion of your immune system lives in your gut and is affected by the bacteria in it. Not only that, but the variety of bacteria in your gut affects your mental health as well. Gut health is definitely something that needs to be protected. This article is helpful for understanding the issue more in depth.

Back to my personal experience…

My mom mentioned that she used garlic oil when I got ear infections and it always worked like a charm. I had heard this from other mothers as well. I was tired of using antibiotics so often so I was willing to give garlic a try.

I went to the store and picked up some garlic oil in the dietary supplements section. They’re little soft gel capsules. The next time my daughter got a runny nose, I preventatively used the garlic oil in her ears. I poked a hole in the end of a gel capsule with a safety pin and put a few drops in each ear right before bed. She smelled like a wonderful little Italian dish. The next day, no ear infection, but still a runny nose. So I used the garlic oil again before bed time. The next day she still was showing no sign of an ear infection. We went on like this until the sickness was finally gone. We made it through without an ear infection for the first time! I do this every time she has a runny nose or tugs at her ears. I have also successfully used garlic oil after the infection is already present and it got rid of it within about 36 hours.

Garlic has many health benefits when consumed or used topically. It is antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. It also has anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties. It truly is amazing stuff! What are some ways you incorporate garlic into your health regimen?

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